Small Scale Organic Farming for All!


Established in 2006, Tierra Garden Organics is a 40 acre WSDA certified organic farm. The agricultural tradition runs deep in Sunitsch Canyon from its homestead roots of Holstein herds and seed potatoes.  For the formative years, Tierra Garden Organics operated as a family run vegetable farm, which set the standard for taste and variety, supplied our Retreat Center and local restaurants, participated at our farmers markets, and ran a CSA subscription program.

Tierra Garden Organics now seeks to expand its mission by running a small scale production garden in collaboration with the Tierra Village Community. Through hands-on daily activities the gardeners from Tierra Village strengthen their personal connections to nature and learn about organic farming tenants that are at the core of Sunitsch Canyon’s legacy of land stewardship. Tierra Garden seeks to be accessible to all by focusing on an inclusive physical layout within the garden and by teaching agricultural skills with access points to all levels of ability. Garden crops are chosen for their rich sensory and tactile characteristics and for being pollinator friendly, climate resilient, and delicious! Through the dynamic cultivation of wonder and joy that happens every day in the Garden, participants contribute to Tierra Learning Center’s collective value of active learning and positive growth.

The Garden continues to be an active member of our local food system by donating to the Community Cupboard Food Bank, by selling to local retail establishments and restaurants, and by vending at the Leavenworth Community Farmers Market. As the Garden becomes a part of the Tierra Village Community, it seeks to be a space where participants seamlessly continue their work towards building community-minded social and work skills and where individual needs and abilities are seen and met with respect.  From seed to harvest, the gardeners proudly witness their hard work and engage in inclusive magical discovery and creation. And smile all the while! 

Tierra Garden Organics has produced over 100 varieties of vegetables, along with small amounts of grain, fruit and honey. We also maintain and manage haying operations and work towards diversified field crops. As organic producers, we strive for a farming ethic that incorporates care for the biological activity within our soil as well as in our surrounding environment. We are constantly working on soil building through cover cropping and conservative tilling practices. Our irrigation system is updated to increase efficiency and limit our water footprint. We rotate crops to avoid pest problems and encourage beneficial insect communities by providing nectar sources throughout the growing season. Migratory and resident avian activity is encouraged through habitat enhancement.

Education is important to us! We gladly share our knowledge of this place with children, school groups, gardening clubs and individuals with an interest in learning. We regularly seek out educational opportunities for ourselves as well; allowing us to remain versed in new farming techniques that may apply to our unique situation.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved with the farm, please check in at [email protected] or leave a message at the Garden House: 509-548-6880 x230

Happy Farming!

Laura Lentz will be managing operations of Garden Organics in 2020


Willy and Eron raising a family and running a family run farm