Family Run Farm

Tierra Garden Organics

Organic Farming in the Cascade Mountain Range


Since 2006, our family has owned Tierra Garden Organics, a 5 (going on 50 acre) Certified Organic family run diversified vegetable farm. We do not own our farm, but lease property from the Tierra Learning Center, our parent organization.  In that time, we have witnessed the birth of our two children, overseen the construction of a new garden house and watched our business grow from a small backyard operation into one that supplies produce to an on-farm CSA program, 2 farmers markets, support for an additional CSA located at Rhubarb Market in Wenatchee Wa., and at least 10 restaurant accounts. Its been an exciting adventure with highs and lows. One thing's for sure, this job is never boring and the fringe benefits are pretty sweet.